Speid Program™

If Implant Dentistry is what you want to talk about, we are the place.

Sensible Solutions

To give implant dentistry more meaning, and ways to add/improve implant procedures into your practice.  

Forward Thinking

Always planning ahead, seeing whats coming in the implant industry. Retire backword thinking in our implant planning, and move safely into forward thinking.

Beyond The Box

We can't survive alone, we need to think outside the box and focus on building our professional relationships based on research supported methods allowing you to place implants for a life time of success.

Our Tested Strategy

Predictability is one of the most valuable things we can over in dentistry, simple systems that can be put in place, to safe time, money, and energy.

Patients, our top priority.

Do you have patients with MISSING TEETH, or DENTURES? 

We know that dental implants are the new standard for tooth replacement treatment planning. We know that dental implants can give them back the chewing capacity they need while cosmetically maintaining their hard and soft tissues for support of their facial structures.  We are not the only ones that need to know this, our Patients do as well! 

Do you place dental implants? If not, read more.  More than just for ourselves, patients want to have treatment completed with you, or someone you personally trust in. They build relationship with us, and trust us.  The time has come where we as general dentists are capable to complete many routine implant procedures for lower overdentures, and single tooth replacements.  Get trained to place dental implants, communicate better with your surgeons, or to restore them through this program. 

Where do I go for implant training with live patients? At this time there is no other program like the Engel Institute, where you can receive guidance, education, and treatment of live patients in the US, using the trusted Straumann® implant.  The main facility of the Engel Institute is in Charlotte, NC which allows easy transportation and a positive atmosphere to help build you up and not tear you down.